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Increase the frequency of your business

I help aspiring business owners get clear on their brand identity and design
so they may manifest their ideal clients and maximize their earnings.



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I partner with businesses doing good in the world who are willing to step up and push the envelope. They dare to be different and aren’t afraid to take risks, fully owning their magic while encouraging others to do the same.


I’m Elle and after spending over a decade as a brand and web designer across multiple studios and agencies, around the world, I was ready for a fresh start.


What’s in a name, you ask? In 2009, I left my life in Dublin, Ireland on a spiritual quest for more than just a corporate PR life in the city. I landed my bum on a luxury superyacht and worked as a luxury concierge for the Bold & the Beautiful. Creating bespoke no-budget events, offering everything vvip and working for the finest, I certainly was living under the stars - literally out at sea; and with my cabin below-deck, under the celebs. 


In 2021 I left the world of yachting for a shore-based life. I felt the urge to dive straight back into my passion for branding, creating, and storytelling. And BOOM there was a near-immediate domino effect: the more stories and design projects I created, the more work flowed in. It taught me the power of authenticity early on: show up every day as your true self, openly share what you enjoy and more of that energy will come back to you.


I create an experience. I understand that we are all engines of creation that are sensitive to the experiences around us. We pick up on subtle energies that guide our emotional decision-making. Your website should honor the experience you wish to share, and inspire others to join.


I sense that many small businesses are looking for a new perspective, too. And that’s where I come in.

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