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60 Minute Consult Call

A dedicated, one-on-one visual strategy session packed with high-level
recommendations to help you get clear on the next steps for your brand.


I’ll use my hands-on design experience of partnering with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to hundreds of small businesses over the last 15 years to help you gain immediate clarity. We can use your session to:

  • Clarify your vision for your brand including color palettes, typography and logo styling BEFORE you invest in creative services.Outline a visual framework for your next photo shoot to make sure your ideas align with specific props, wardrobe and a shot list.

  • Identify what makes you stand out from your competitors and then dial it up for increased differentiation.

  • Build out a clear plan to grow your social media presence and nail down on-brand visual ideas to make your grid shine.

  • Conduct a rapid-fire audit on what’s not resonating with your current branding so you can finally break through, once and for all.

    • Clear, actionable advice that you can implement as soon as we hang up
    • The focus and clarity you’ve been seeking in your brand (but are often too close to see clearly)
    • A fresh dose of confidence in your brand vision as you move forward

  • Business owners who want an extra set of eyes and ears on the next steps of their visual strategy to ensure it feels aligned as they up-level their brand. This includes creatives, especially designers who are re-branding themselves but need more clarity before pulling the trigger and fully committing to their new direction.

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