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What is a Wellness Retreat?


It is an opportunity to explore yourself through your practice. We are a busy people these days, with all the distractions and diversions that surround us, it is hard to look inward, relax, and fully take advantage of what yoga has to offer.  A wellness retreat gives you the chance to get away from the usual routines and customs of everyday life, which allows for a valuable perspective onto ourselves. Often, people have to schedule time off of work to attend a retreat, that is why they often take place in exotic locations, which allows for the benefit of a unique vacation experience in combination with deepening your yoga practice.


Are wellness retreats for everyone?


Yes! You do not need to be a yoga rockstar or flexible like a pretzel to enjoy a retreat fully. Retreats often vary in their specific yoga styles, and amenities, but they are often more similar than not when it comes to accommodating all levels of practitioners.  What is more important than showing up limber as a cat is showing up with an open mind, ready to explore yoga and yourself.



Can I go on a Retreat by myself?


Most do!  Yoga retreats can be perfect for couples, friends, and families, but the majority of retreat takers go solo. The reason is that yoga retreats are by definition a getaway. A retreat away from the norm.  People who attend yoga retreats tend to be respectful, community-driven, and well centred, so it's a great place to make new friends. It also allows one to find their groove again, or just relish in being in their personal space.



What should I bring to a Wellness Retreat?


  • A good inspirational book

  • A journal to process and write down your thoughts

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. Most our retreats are in warm-weather conditions, so warm weather clothes and swimwear is usually handy.

  • A few changes of yoga wear – remember we offer yoga classes at least twice a day (mornings and evenings).

  • Good walking shoes for hikes or extensive travelling about. 

  • Passport and copy of passport in a separate place for international travel


Does the retreat have wifi?

Yes, we do have wifi.

However, we encourage you to have a digital detox. We urge you to unplug and fully recharge your batteries. You are in a beautiful location so use this time to shut down your email, Facebook and WhatsApp. If you do wish to use your devices, please do so in your rooms, we would prefer to keep the communal areas 'device free' allowing you time to connect with your inner self and your retreat friends.


What is the cancellation or return policy for retreat booking?

Please be sure to look at our terms and conditions page. The link can be found at the footer of every webpage.

For specific questions contact us at


What currency is the retreat in?

All retreats that are available to book on Stellar and Luna will be listed in EUROS.


Why do the trips cost so much?

Don’t be scared by sticker shock! Our luxury wellness retreat prices are all inclusive (except for your transport to the island and your insurance). Retreats include luxury villa accomodation, all meals and drinks,  yoga twice daily, spa treatments and excursions—basically a packaged getaway.


What is the food like at Stellar and Luna?

It’s fabulous and something we are incredibly proud of. As part of your all-inclusive retreat package, you’ll enjoy healthy organic cuisine that is delicious. 


What are age and nationality a ‘typical guest’? What about solo travellers?

Typically, our guests range in age from mid 20's too late 50's.

However, we have had much younger and older guests. What unites guests at Stellar and Luna is not so much their age or nationality; but rather, their attitude and spirit for adventure and the wisdom they share. About 70% of our guests are solo travellers and meals are served together. Most of our guests make fast friends, staying in touch long after their surf camp and yoga retreat finishes. Stellar and Luna is a safe and ideal place to stay as a solo woman traveller.


Do I need to rent a car?

No, we have a VIP driver and car service to drive you to all scheduled activities. 


Is there an age minimum?

Yes, guests must be 18 years or older to attend Stellar and Luna unless otherwise agreed to by management and under the supervision of a guardian.

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