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 Hi, I'm Elle

A girls' name of Greek origin, means "sun ray;  foreign; God is abundance" 
In my case, it's a shortened version of my first name Chantelle.
Also known as "that girl from Zimbabwe"

A creative perfectionist who creates problem-solving solutions, crafts unique user experiences, and adds a little sass to your brand. Using my intuition, I tap into what makes you unique and implement those findings so your business can elevate its frequency
& bring in the dough. 

I also stress enough about your branding and design so you don't have to. 


Who I am

I am a creative director, storyteller, and master of puns.


I am a triple cat mom. I probably love cats more than humans. Don’t judge me. It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m definitely a people person. But cats are better. My ultimate goal is to have my own ‘Rosé Cat Café’ one day - destination unknown.


I am a self-proclaimed ‘rolling stone’ creative designer, resin artist, writer, podcaster, and photographer. I move where I feel drawn to and my friends probably have pages of “this is my new number” stored in their phones. I am an in-denial perfectionist with a dangerous eye for detail.


What I do

I create brand assets and design websites. I have decades of PR and Ad Agency experience creating award-winning TV, print, and radio campaigns, upscale music award ceremonies, events, and sponsorships. I’ve had a window seat in the top agencies including Starfish Communications, Edelman PR, and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, spanning across South Africa, London, and Dublin. 


I explain my work to my friends as “I add a little ‘Je Ne Sais Quai' to the brand.” Our collaboration is kept simple and straightforward for you. I’m a Virgo, I stress enough for both of us so you don’t have to.

Providing an experiential branding service comes naturally. I like to immerse myself in the brand to experience it in all its rawness. Creating and selling the customer experience is more important to me than simply promoting a product or service. I want my client's customers to live, feel and breathe the brand.

Providing exclusivity is also an obvious prerequisite in any service I offer. Luxury, the most over-used of all words in the industry, is an obvious prerequisite, given the people I am so used to looking after. 


Being creative, I have always approached the projects I undertook similarly. Each inquiry I have is unique – each event or project is a one-off and undergoes a long period of further evolution.

I won't work for big pharma, banks, accountants, insurance companies, or Nike. I focus on mindful and sustainable brands that I resonate with and those that are in alignment with my ethos and core beliefs. I don't hide behind a mask, like my creative work, I prefer to be in your face. 

So if this sounds more like you; and less like another marketing agency, then reach out, and let us start your brand ritual. Professional Wildcard. 


My sincerity is often confused for sarcasm, which is a fair assumption because I almost always am.



Words, puns, manifesting, talking, a challenge, learning, intellect, wit, sarcasm, laughing, the paranormal, full moon, psychic mediums, exploring minds, summer, traveling, cats, sunsets, Californication, and the beach.


Takers, people who don't keep their word, stagnancy, people generally but some of you are cool, loud babies, dishonesty, noo-noos (South African for creepy crawlies), foodie pictures, disrespect, celebrities, the inability to thrive without a phone, eternal pessimism, closed minds, the stepmother.


I love what I do but it's still a job and I need to be paid for the work I put in for you. I like to eat and I need money to buy food. I sacrifice my time and energy for the things I love, in this case, design and creativity. I ask you to exchange your energy (money) for mine (time). This isn't a flea market; I don't barter or trade. Gracias.  

Surprisingly (sarcasm) I can be quite opinionated. I will not hesitate to tell you you're wrong and interject my viewpoint. I expect it to be understood that I am a professional in my industry and my input is crafted from what I've seen succeed and fail in the market. 


Unfortunately, I am only humanoid and can only perform at human speed. Nothing happens overnight. There is no such thing as a design emergency. 

I require a full brief on paper (by email) or a recorded voice message (by Whatsapp) before I start the project. Revisions are allowed but to be kept to a minimum. The more detail you provide at the get-go, the faster you get your delivery. I am Psychic; however for legal purposes, please tell me clearly what you want. 

A deposit is due at signing to reserve your spot in the schedule, depending on the project. I can't sit around waiting for your business to take off before you pay me. 


I am mindful and discerning. My Superpower is telepathy and I have the ability to see right through people. I read four languages; English, Dutch, Zulu, and Body. 

I am very conscious about my time and energy. I want people and projects that fuel me and those that are in alignment with my energy. I am guided by my intuition, I choose projects that "feel" good, finding my own rhythm. A communicator, yet often misunderstood - untamed, wild, and mysterious. 

I don't accept all projects. I only take on new clients who have a realistic concept of time and budget. I am always available for consultations, and sometimes a project will tickle my fancy enough for me to overbook and take it on. Returning clients always retain priority in the work queue.  Currently craving more web design projects and socially conscious brands. 


Please keep in mind that a typical design project ranges from 2-6 weeks depending on the scope of the project. Email me to inquire about specific availability, timeline, and project quotes. 

I am unapologetically myself and it takes a lot to hurt my feelings, so tell me what you like and don't like, I promise I won't cry. 

Type of Project

Wa-Laa!! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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