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A Hermatic & Mystical Journey

Spiritual Wellness aligned with the stars

An offering of otherworldly spiritual wellness experiences based on your zodiac, sun, moon, and rising signs.​ Whether it’s through healings, creativity, astrology, or the tarot, my superpower has always been seeing the potentials and possibilities — mostly in other people’s innate magic.

Feel inspired and fulfilled. Step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the perfect Astro-wellbeing environment.​ We love the laid-back alfresco scene and hedonistic happy hour for juice & jazz sessions.



About humans, starseeds, the moon and stars, collaborating, connecting and

co-creating magical healing experiences.



With our impromptu side - we love surprising you with delightful pop-up retreats.



We base our experiences around the energy of the moon

to maximize the power of healing and the law of attraction.


Packaged perfectly, we are the fortune cookie, you've just cracked open!

Magic with a dash of Serendipity


Find your divine alignment with your soul mission and purpose in this incarnation.


My healing sessions,

in-person or remote will allow you to merge, align and activate your heart.

Imagine if you could release all beliefs, thoughts and limitations that have been stored in your subconscious over lifetimes.


Come unstuck and release all emotions no longer

serving you. 


Allow me to activate your remembrance and magnificence. What you need right now are strategies to create some bonafide magic in your life so that you can embrace it as the beautiful playground of creativity and collaboration that you

know if could be.

Our heart is a multidimensional portal, when truly open our hearts embody unconditional love, merge duality and activate all our

divine gifts. 


Express your true essence with integrity, heart and confidence – because the REAL you is magnetic!

Wake up excited to share your journey and your offerings – knowing you will be received with curiosity and love.

Boost your circle, your audience and get to the good stuff – building your connections with like-minded souls. Find out now what your Sun, Moon and Rising say about you and your character. 


I bring forth messages to help jumpstart creativity and forward momentum in your work

and in your life.


The Muse knows a thing or two about life, love, and finding happiness and my readings offer an inspiring blend of motivation, creativity and guidance. 


I do hope you enjoy my poetic musings, my spirit chatter, and my divinely inspired recordings

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