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Muse, Intuitive & Dream Chaser

Imagine a weightless state where the distinction between your thoughts, your body, and the world around you dissolves entirely into one cohesive organism. The soundtrack to that destination is Starseed Concierge.

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, having lived in London, Dublin, Mallorca, Australia, and Bali. 
Under the moniker Starseed Concierge, Elle has created a celebration of our rich, thriving, electromagnetic,

and multidimensional omniverse – thoroughly addressing the inner intricacies of the body/mind/spirit complex

amongst living things. 

Elle's creation is spiritual and transcendental. She delves into the somber and melancholy, leading her clients to a place of deep introspection and serenity. With success as a music and events publicist and superyacht interior manager, Elle has always been inclined to create exceptional experiences for her guests. ​



Elle provides an authentic hospitality experience to her clients at a super-star level whilst promoting a balanced life for the client to take home with them. . Her Mantra is "Ch-Ch-Changes."


Having completed her 500RYT in India, she shows you how to juggle life and enjoy every step along the way. 

Providing an ‘experiential travel’ service came naturally as I had only ever traveled to places to experience them in all their rawness. Providing ‘exclusivity’ was also an obvious prerequisite in any service I was to offer. I had always avoided places where tourists went as they totally killed the vibe. ‘Luxury’, the most over-used of all words in the travel industry was an obvious prerequisite, given the people I was so used to looking after.  Being creative, I have always approached the projects I undertook in a similar way. Each and every enquiry I have is unique – each retreat I create is one off and undergoes a long period of further evolution.
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