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Who i am and what I do

I am a normal person. I like Spirituality. And I like to have fun. 

Bursting with enthusiasm and spontaneity, Starseed Concierge is forward thinkers, forward planners, and gypesetters, inspired to share our wellness journey and philosophy with you,in a relaxed and safe environment. To encourage a butterfly effect, a lifestyle metamorphosis where you can learn, grow, prosper and evolve into a new and improved version of yourself. To break any barriers, fears or paths that no longer serve you, through learned conditioning of your mind.

I believe the real place of pilgrimage is inside your body.

“My mission is to provide a balance of traditional spiritual practice with a touch of astrology and cosmic energy. 
I am unconventional. I love spirituality.
I love astrology. And I like to have fun!"


I am a Wild Woman within who lives free, connected to nature, the seasons, the cycles, MYSELF. 

An innovator of spiritual wellness dedicated to building a differentiated spiritual wellness portfolio. I value privacy and exclusivity.
My vibe encourages an immersive, transformative, and deeply engaging experience for my clients to embrace their dedication to spiritual wellness in a safe environment.


I am your collective of intuitive evangelists, gypsetters and progressive leaders, devoted to creating extraordinary wellness experiences for our guests by reinventing travel around deeper experiences, within the mind, body, and spirit. 


I am visionary at the forefront of wellness, spirituality, yoga, nutrition, luxury hospitality, and cultural & spiritual entertainment. 

All in the name of Spiritual wellness, aligned with the stars. There is only one thing required to change your life. Willingness. 

What do I mean by "freespirits"?

We are Gypsetters. We have itchy feet. We're constantly in the flow searching for the most energetically enhanced places to visit and create. 

We don't like crowds. We love people in small groups. We're empaths, want to co-create with other empaths where we can share our love of esoterism, yoga, and wellbeing while we make memories and connections. 

We will host a retreat in a venue only once. Then, we change it up again and again. Ch Ch Changes.


We love surprises. We crave change and hate monotony. We’re in touch with our impromptu side. We add that Ziggy stardust to everything we touch. 

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